NIKOLAEV N.Yu. L.A. Kamarovsky about the problems of disarmament


Nikolaev Nikolay Yurievich

Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Department of History, Political and Legal Thought,

Volzhsky Institute of Humanities, (Branch) Volgograd State University

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ul. 40 let Pobedy, 11, 404133 Volzhsky, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article reveals the views of the well-known international law expert L.A. Kamarovsky (1846–1912) on the disarmament problem and analyses the scientist’s detailed proposals dealing with the fight with any militarism manifestation. The author of the article has come to a conclusion that Kamarovsky considered the process of disarmament to be the most important and necessary stage of appeasement of Europe which could be concluded with international organization foundation. At the same time he urged to carry out the disarmament gradually and simultaneously by a number of representative governmental conferences owing to which the most difficult international conflicts could be regulated and the final result of the conferences could be subscription of the binding treaty on disarmament. At the same time it is clear that Kamarovsky underestimated the profundity and complexity of modern regional conflicts. Besides, criticizing the militarist opponents the scientist permitted the possibility of “just” defensive wars and active colonial expansion.

Key words: war, peace, disarmament, militarism, conference, peacemaking.

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