Aims & Scope

Mission of the journal is to promote collaboration of the Russian and international professional community with the aim to internationalize the historical scholarship and political science.

Following the Editorial policy, the journal covers of articles on general and specific problems of the history, international relations and political development of Europe, America, Russia and the CIS countries. The editors are committed to publishing articles prepared in accordance with both classical traditions and modern trends in historical scholarship. Published articles reveal the close connection between history and society, show the different views of professional community on world and Russian history. The journal also seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and to foster academic discussions on a wide range of topical issues of historical scholarship and political science.

Purposes of the journal:

– publication of original historical and political research based on thorough source studies, traditional and new methodological approaches;

– promotion of modern trends and advances in history and political science to a wide range of scholars;

– fostering integration of Russian historical scholarship into international academia;

– respect to and critical application of knowledge obtained by Russian and foreign historians of the past.

The journal pursues as its guiding tasks presentation of up-to-date Russian research on world and Russian history to international academic community and promotion of foreign studies to Russian readership. To serve these tasks, the journal publishes English translations of the most noteworthy Russian articles and seeks to include Russian-language reviews of English historical research.

The double-blind peer-reviewed journal maintains the Editorial Board consisting of many internationally recognized scholars who keep the high quality of published materials. Each article is reviewed by at least two experts. Special attention is paid to completeness and culture of historiographic research and to introduction of new sources into academic use. The Editorial Staff is striving to support researchers in enriching their works.

The journal’s distinguishing characteristic is that three issues a year are devoted to urgent issues of world and Russian history while thematic issues are focused on narrow topics thus being extensive academic platforms allowing for more effective development of scholarship.

The journal contributes to the integration of Russian historical scholarship to international academic space.

Since 2016, one of the thematic issues has been devoted to classical history – the history of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine issue covers research by scholars from numerous countries (Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Greece etc.) and represents an advanced model of international collaboration.


1) publication of 3 thematic issues in 2020: The History of Wars and Military Arts in Russia and the World (no. 1), Political Transformations in Russia and the World: Historical Experience and Forecast Scenarios (no. 3) and The Byzantine Society: History, Law, and Culture (no. 6);

2) deeper integration into international academic community through attracting foreign research and Russian research in foreign languages;

3) up-ranking the journal and its authors by expanding the information space and the target audience.