VASHKAU N.E. “Holy doctor” Fyodor Petrovich Haass


Vashkau Nina Emilievna

Doсtor Nauk (History), Professor, Department of Russian History,

Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The following article gives an insight to the heroic life of Fyodor Haass, a German doctor and true Christian, who worked in Russia in 1806–1853, helping those in need, attending the poor who could not otherwise afford any medical service. The author describes Fyodorґs unselfish personality, his generous spirit that he revealed not only in his humanitarian work as a doctor, but also in daily life. A part of the article is dedicated to the service the doctor provided to convicts of Russian prisons and penal servitude in the XIX century.

Key words: penitentiary medicine, humanism, charity, altruism, Christian services, historical memory.

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