MORDVINOV S.V. Women and orthodox revival in the Stalingrad area in 1943–1953


Mordvinov Sergey Valerievich

Post-graduate student, Department of International Relations and Area Studies,

Volgograd State University

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Abstract. In article the contribution of women of a various social status and ages to the Orthodox revival in the Lower Volga Region in 1943–1953 is shown: participation in the opening of temples, in restoration of orthodox perish life, renewal of pilgrimage to water sources of the region, traditions of keeping folk Orthodox. The author comes to the conclusion that they were women who made the vast majority of believers in the Stalingrad area and the positions of Orthodox Church in the Soviet society became stronger under their influence.

Key words: women and religion, Russian Orthodox Church, nuns, national Orthodox, pilgrimage to water sources, religious holidays.

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