SLAVNITSKIY N.R. Russian Generals Imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress in 1917


Nikolay R. Slavnitskiy

Candidate of Sciences (History), Chief Researcher,

State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg,

Peter and Paul Fortress, 3, 197046 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Abstract. In the article, on the basis of documentary archival materials, the fate of the Russian generals who were imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress (in St. Petersburg) in 1917 is studied. During the revolutionary events (in the spring, after the February Revolution, and in the autumn, after the October Revolution) many people, including the military, were imprisoned. The prison of the Trubetskoy bastion in the Peter and Paul Fortress was one of the main political prisons, therefore some generals were sent there. In March, former military ministers, the district commander, as well as those who were associated with the imperial family were imprisoned. In Summer, one of the participants in the speech of L.G. Kornilov, as well as some monarchists were also imprisoned. The third wave took place in the autumn, when the military ministers of the Provisional Government, the command of the Northern Front and other generals opposed to the Soviet power were detained. In total, in 1917, 15 or 16 generals were in prison fortresses, and they were people of different convictions. Some of them during the civil war found themselves on the side of the Reds, some on the White side, some of them emigrated. Therefore, let us state that the imprisonment in the fortress did not affect their further choice. The study of the documentary materials of the commandant’s office of the Peter and Paul Fortress made it possible to identify the names of those who were imprisoned in it, as well as to find out some details of their conclusion.

Key words: February Revolution, October Revolution, Peter and Paul Fortress, political repressions, Trubetskoy Bastion prison, Civil War.

Citation. Slavnitskiy N.R. Russian Generals Imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress in 1917. Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Serija 4, Istorija. Regionovedenie. Mezhdunarodnye otnoshenija [Science Journal of Volgograd State University. History. Area Studies. International Relations], 2017, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 69-76. (in Russian). DOI:

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