REDKINA O.Yu. Christian political parties in the Lower Volga region in 1917


Redkina Olga Yuryevna

Doctor Nauk (History), Professor, Dean, Faculty of Philosophy, History, International Relations and Social Technology,

Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The reasons, program positions and activities of the Saratov Provincial Russian-Democratic Party of Christians-Old Believers and the Orthodox People’s Party during the election campaign to the Constituent Assembly in autumn of 1917 are considered in the article. The author also reviews the evolution of the relation of orthodox clergymen and believers, Old Believers to the parties of Constitutional Democrats (informally Kadets) and Socialists as well as the influence of religious reforms of the Russian Provisional Government on political views of religious people of the Russian society.

Key words: Christian political parties, Christian democracy, Orthodox clergy and policy, Old Believers and policy, the Saratov bishopric of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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