VOROZHEINA Ya.A. The Kaliningrad Region in Exposé of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland in 2005-2016

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2017.1.13

Yana A. Vorozheina

Postgraduate Student,

Institute for the Humanities, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University,

Chernyshevskogo St., 56, 236022 Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

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Abstract. Geographical and geopolitical proximity of the exclave Kaliningrad region and the Republic of Poland can be an essential basis for the formation of “Kaliningrad vector” of Warsaw’s foreign policy (which might be a course separate from the general Poland’s foreign policy towards Russian Federation). In this regard, the welltimed assessment of the features of the Poland’s conceptual vision of neighborhood with exclave territory of Russia, as well as the nature and level of official Warsaw’s interest in development of cooperation with the Kaliningrad region is extremely important. The evaluation of the impact of implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Russian Federation on the Rules of Local Border Traffic on significance of “Kaliningrad’s focus” in the foreign policy strategy of the official Warsaw is also extremely important. In this context, it should be understood that thanks to this agreement, the Kaliningrad region has acquired an additional specificity in the context of Russian-Polish relations. This article is the attempt to determine the today’s place and role of the Kaliningrad region in Poland’s foreign policy strategy after joining the EU. The author reveals the period of updating theme of Poland’s cooperation with the Kaliningrad region, as well as shows its nature and origins by analyzing the annual keynote addresses of the foreign ministers of Poland, which are concentrated on the basic provisions of the official foreign policy strategy of Warsaw.

Key words: Republic of Poland, foreign policy, foreign policy strategy, Kaliningrad region, cross-border cooperation, Russian-Polish relations.

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