GRIGOROVA V.A. From the History of Lace Craft in the South Black Earth Russia (2nd Half of the 19th Century - Beginning of the 20th Century)


Viktoriya A. Grigorova

Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Department of History and Political Science,

Voronezh State Technical University

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Prosp. Moskovskiy, 14, 394026 Voronezh, Russian Federation

Abstract. The author studies the specifics of lace in the territory of the South Black Earth Russia in the 19th – early 20th centuries. The author has analyzed the history of lace crafts in the Yelets and Mtsensk districts of the Orlovsk province, and in the Zadonsk district of the Voronezh province. Based on archive materials the article determines such features of lace crafts development as the uniqueness of lace; the dependence of the growth of the influence of buyers on the pace of industry development; presence of the qualitative indicators of the manufacturing process inversely proportional to the quantitative; expanding the range of manufactured lace; the expansion of the sales area of lace; activation of the attention of individuals and public institutions to revive the specificity and individuality of local products lace. It was concluded that the impact of identified features on the pace of development of the lace industry in the South Black Earth Russia and on the development of Russian business in general. 

Analyzing the history of lace crafts, the author describes the conditions of industrial activity lace, which showed the formation of the capitalist forms of lace makers’ work. The features of the capitalist forms of labour which characterized crafts activity are pointed out. The peculiarities of lace sales organization in local and distant markets are studied. In addition to interprovince and interdistrict markets the author investigates the material on exporting goods abroad. The main reasons for the expansion of sales geography determine the change in product mix. 

The author raises the issue related to the history of the preservation of unique lace made following the traditions of Russian folk art of their ancestors. The problem consisted in the fact that the buyers were not interested in the originality and identity of the goods. As a result, this led to the reduction of the original performance by increasing the amount of work on the standard models.

Key words: lace craft, lace makers, Eletsk district, Mtsensk district, Zadonsk district, South Black Earth Russia.

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