KURMANSEITOVA A.Kh. On the Censorship of Karachay National Book During the Period of Cultural Development

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2016.3.12

Aminat Kh. Kurmanseitova

Candidate of Sciences (History), Senior Researcher, Department of Ethnography of Karachay-Cherkess Republic,

Karachay-Cherkess Institute for Humanities Research

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Gorkogo St., 1a, 369000 Cherkessk, Russian Federation

Abstract. In this article on the basis of previously unknown documents, learned by the author from the State archive of the Stavropol region, the State archive of the contemporary history of the Stavropol region, the State archive of Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the branch of the State archive of Karachay-Cherkess Republic “The Centre of documentation of contemporary history”, the Central State archive of Republic of Dagestan, the author studies the Institute of censorship in Karachay Autonomous Region during the years of cultural construction. For the first time in the historiography she examines censorship in national book in Karachay regional national Publishing House. The author found that during the formation of the State regional Litho special attention was paid to social origin for censor, as it must have been a member or a candidate for VKP(b), komsomol and proletarian. The formation of the Institute of political control of books began in the 1930s, however, and at the beginning of the 1940s the State of Karachay Regional national publishing house has not been strengthened. Karachay regional Litho widely used normative documents Glavlit and North Caucasus Regional Litho. Archival documents testify to arrests of authors, compilers and interpreters of educational-methodological and socio-political literature that stood at the origins of the formation of the Karachay books. The holdings of libraries, bookstores and warehouses carried out regular withdrawal of books in the karachay language. On the basis of the analysis of the extensive archival material involved into scientific circulation for the first time, the author comes to the conclusion that the formation of the institution of censorship in Karachay autonomous region, which was started in 1930, continued till 1940. The political control of books and manuscripts was established in the publishing house. The author concludes that Karachay national book was under total control of censors, political editors and reviewers.

Key words: Karachay book, Karachay regional Litho, political editor, reviewer, North Caucasus Regional Litho, censorship.

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