MATIEV T.Kh. The Role of Aviation in the Malgobek Defensive Operations (September-October 1942)


Timur Kh. Matiev

Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Acting Head of Department of History,

Ingush State University

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Prosp. Zyazikova, 7, 386001 Magas, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article presents the main characteristics of the factors and the results of the use of air forces of Germany and the Soviet Union during the military operations in September-October 1942, during the Malgobek defensive operation. The operation was one of the most important components of the battle for the Caucasus and throughout the summer and autumn campaign on the Eastern Front of World War II. It was attended by the main forces opposing each other in the Caucasus of the Soviet and German troops. Both sides here have thrown considerable force aircraft. On the Soviet side it was the 4th Air Army, while the German part consisted of the forces of the 4th Air Fleet.

At the same time dispersion of forces into two directions – Caucasian and Stalingrad in summer of 1942 did not allow the German command to set air superiority. On the other hand, the Soviet Union failed to achieve the excellence as well.

Despite this the whole Soviet aircraft operated in this situation more effectively and had a tangible advantage. This result was achieved due to the concentration of a significant number of aircraft, as well as improvement of the quality of parts of the Air Force aircrew, operating in the Caucasus. The main types of action on both sides were hitting attack and bomber aircraft on airfields, troop concentrations, crossings; direct support of ground troops, as well as the struggle for the conquest of the air, which was conducted mainly by the fighter aircraft.

Control over the situation on the battlefield, which the Red Army Air Force maintained that throughout the Malgobek operations played an important role in achieving the ultimate success of the defensive measures of the Soviet command in this battle.

Key words: aviation, 4th Air Army, the Luftwaffe, 52 Squadron, Transcaucasian front, plaque, fighters, bombers.

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