NEFLYASHEVA N.A. Adygheya: Processes of Re-Islamisation and Challenges of Islamic Radicalism (1990-2015)


Naima A. Neflyasheva

Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Senior Researcher,

Center for Civilizational and Regional Studies, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

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Spiridonovka St., 30/1, 123001 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article analyzes the transformation of Islamic community of the Adygheya Republic during 1990-2015, new tendencies and actors. The author reveals new trends in the 2010s updated by the dynamics of the political background of Adygheya. The main focus is the factors constraining Muslims from radicalism in the 1990s – 2010s, as well as factors that may contribute to the spread of radical version of Islam today. According to the author, the factors of radicalization of Muslims in the Adygheya can be divided into two groups – federal and regional. The first concerns the many unresolved methodological issues relating to “New Muslims”. As practice shows, the state unequivocal support of the “traditional Muslim clergy” contributes to the isolation of Salafis, limits the possibilities of intraconfessional dialogue. The facts of destruction of mosques, injunction religious books, extra-judicial persecution of Muslims and ban on headscarves (hijabs) in schools in the other regions of the Russian Federation forms the protest discourse. At the regional level a crisis of ethnic ideology Adyghe Khabze, economical crisis and broken social lifts contribute to the radicalization of Muslims. Islamic radicals are very active and professional in social networks, they create the groups whose target audience is youth. The activities of the radical “Internet imams”, electronic “religious authorities” are typical for Adygheya and for the whole North Caucasus outside the native region. Their influence, agitation and propaganda are destructive and will have a negative impact in the future. A new trend is the departure of the Adyghe Muslims in ISIL (about 21 people from the beginning of 2015).

Key words: Islam, religion, radicalism, salafism, Agygheya Republic, Nothern Caucasus.

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