URMANOV D.R. Turkey in Search of Relevant Foreign Policy Strategy (2002-2016)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2016.2.10

Dayan R. Urmanov

Postgraduate Student, Department of International Relations,

Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

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Kremlevskaya St., 18, 420008 Kazan, Russian Federation

Abstract. The main idea of this article is to describe the process of Turkish foreign policy evolvement during the rule of Justice and Development party (JDP). From weak economy and unstable political situation in 2001, JDP quickly formulated a new strategy of foreign policy and stabilized economy. In the article the Turkish foreign policy in the 21st century is divided into several stages which respond to different international threats and circumstances. The first stage was a peacekeeping stage when Turkey tried to stabilize the situation near its borders and implement peace initiatives for the purpose to find new markets and allies. As a result, Turkey formulated a new strategy of foreign policy, called “Zero Problems Policy” which aimed to create a ring of friendly countries on the borders. On the second stage, Turkish foreign policy was more active – Turkey tried to balance among regional power centers and confront with one of the most powerful actors – Israel. Confrontation with Tel Aviv was a preface to the third stage, and today under the influence of “Arab Spring” and desire to change its role in international relations, Turkey refused “Zero Problems Policy” strategy and turned to a new aggressive and revanchist idea – neo- Ottomanism. Ankara tries to build a new regional set of rules where Turkey will play a leading role.

Key words: Turkey, Justice and Development Party, “Zero Problems Policy”, Middle East, “Arab Spring”.

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