VETRENKO I.A. “Resource Curse” and System Problems of Political Management in Russia


Inna Aleksandrovna Vetrenko

Doctor of Sciences (Politics), Professor, Head of Department of Political Science,

Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoevsky

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Prosp. Mira, 55, 644077 Omsk, Russian Federation

Abstract. In the article the analysis of problems in the field of political management in modern Russia is carried out. Initially, the author considers the possibility of explaining the nature of these problems through the theory of the “Resource curse”, but it allows only updating the vulnerable areas of the system of political governance in our country, without identification of their nature. The author highlights such aspects of the current state of the political system of Russia, as ethno-federalism, its risks in modern conditions, state capitalism and examines its manifestations in the economy and politics of the country.

From the author’s point of view, the analyzed theory of “resource curse” cannot fully explain and solve the multidimensional problems of political management of modern Russia. There are deeper and more systematic characters than a statement about possession of hydrocarbon resources, the sale of which is in the ground budget replenishment. The attention is focused on the fact that one of the weak points in the political management of modern Russia is a decreased credibility and role of the Parliament, as well as the weak institutionalization of small and medium businesses. The factor causing destabilization of social relations and inefficiency of the system of state administration in the Russian Federation is an established model of ethno-federalism – “Matreshka”. Such system of administrative and territorial structure of the country decreases the values of the statehood.

The author highlights that the article largely reflects the positions of those political scientists who try to go beyond logical, but at the same time limited postulates of liberal theories when searching for a way out from difficult socio-political situation in the country. These concepts are ideologized and cannot escape the temptation of stigmatization of Russia as a country “cursed” by its natural resources.

Key words: theory of “resource curse”, political management in Russia, ethno-federalism, state capitalism, public legitimacy, political competition, political lobbying.

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