MYSHKIN V.N. The Nomadic Population of the Steppe Trans-Volga Region of the Scythian Period in the Context of Interaction with the Nomads of the Southern Urals


Vladimir Nikolaevich Myshkin

Candidate of Sciences (History), Head of Archeological Laboratory,

Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Lenina St., 127, 443041 Samara, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article presents the comparative description of cultural and historical processes that took place in the life of nomadic cattle-breeders in the 6th-4th centuries B.C. in the steppes of the left-bank territory of the Lower Volga and the steppe and partially woodsteppe zone of the left-bank territory of the Middle Volga. The comparison showed that on the whole this territory the similar cultural and historical processes took place in the societies of the nomadic tribes that were caused by the penetration of the South-Ural steppe population in the Volga region at the end of the 6th-4th centuries B.C.

These processes were most probably mutually connected. In this connection the theme of the direction or directions and the character of the penetration of the nomadic groups migration from the East into the Volga steppes demands the further research. The visual parallels in the pointed cultural and historical processes happening in the steppes of the Middle and Lower Volga region might be caused either by the movements of some groups of nomads or the formation of the total system of seasonal migrations (or involving into this one) of the replacing groups of cattle-breeding population on the whole area of the Volga steppes as well as on the territory between the Volga and Ural.

Key words: Early Iron Age, steppe, Trans-Volga region, nomadic cattle-breeders, funeral rites, burial mounds, interments, cultural contacts, migration.

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