AKHREMENKO D.A. Events of the Great Patriotic War in the Ukrainian School Textbook (Book Review: Pometun, O. I. History of Ukraine. 11th Grade / O. I. Pometun, N. N. Gupan. – Kyiv: Sitsiya Osvita Publ., 2011. – 336 p.)

Denis Anatolyevich Akhremenko


Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Istoricheskoe soznanie”

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Abstract. In the article the author analyzes one of the textbooks on the history of Ukraine, which is dedicated to the historical period from the outbreak of the Second world war up to the 21st century. The analysis of the article exposed a section devoted to the events of 1939- 1945. The author highlighted the main pros and cons of the textbook, gave his assessment of objectivity on the basis of available archival materials and achievements of historiography.

Key words: Great Patriotic War, Second World War, school textbook, E.I. Pometun, Ukraine, collaborators, the OUN, the UPA.

Events of the Great Patriotic War in the Ukrainian School Textbook (Book Review: Pometun, O. I. History of Ukraine. 11th Grade / O. I. Pometun, N. N. Gupan. – Kyiv: Sitsiya Osvita Publ., 2011. – 336 p.) by Akhremenko D.A. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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