RYBALKO O.K. The Second Administration of George W. Bush and U.S.-Russia Relations

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2014.6.6

Rybalko Olga Konstantinovna

Postgraduate Student, Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia,

Saratov State University

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Astrakhanskaya St., 83, 410012 Saratov, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article is devoted to the analysis of changes in the U.S.-Russia relationships during the presidency of George W. Bush and to the detection of the origins of these changes. The attention is paid to conceptual foreign policy views of the most influential members of administration. The renewal of staff in U.S. administration was one of the important factors of toughening the Russian course of the American foreign policy. At the beginning of the second presidency of George Bush the ratio of forces in the American Congress changed. Opposition forces received the majority in the Congress. This circumstance became the other reason of change of the U.S.-Russia relationships. The bilateral relations during the specified period were complicated by aspiration of the USA to strengthen the influence on the territories of the Post-Soviet states. It caused discontent of Moscow. At the same time, some aspects of the Russian-Iranian nuclear cooperation caused criticism of Washington. The role of personal diplomacy is noted as a factor of forming bilateral relations. During the second term of the presidency of George W. Bush this factor didn't lose its value in comparison with the first term. The article gives the assessment of work of the Bush’s second administration at the Russian direction. The author notes the American focus on the strategy of “selective partnership” with Russia. The conclusion is drawn on George Bush's aspiration to preservation of balance in the U.S.-Russia relations under the conditions of increasing strains.

Key words: USA, Russia, George W. Bush, U.S. administration, Congress.

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