PARAMONOV V.N. The Quality of Life in Russia During the War of 1914–1918: Historiographic Aspect


Paramonov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor, Department of History and Philosophy of Science,

Samara State University

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Akademika Pavlova St., 1, 443011 Samara, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article studies the increasing interest of contemporary researchers to the problems of life quality in Russia during the First World War. The life quality is considered as an integrated concept that includes human needs and the ability to satisfy them. The indicators of life quality include the conditions of work and rest, housing conditions, social security and guarantees, life safety, leisure time and the possibilities of its productive use, subjective feelings of comfort, stability and confidence in the future.

According to the author, the transformation of Russian society in 1914–1917 was accompanied by a set of negative phenomena and processes related to life quality, such as the deepening of social stratification in terms of financial security, population health deterioration (working population, in particular), increasing disparities in gender and age structure of the population, a high level of regional differentiation of the life quality in Russia. During the war, these processes had been further intensified. The author comes to the following conclusions: the issue of life quality in Russia during the First World War remains controversial; the assessment of life quality in most cases is comparative in nature and varies considerably according to the set of criteria for determination of rating scales. Further development of the subject requires a multidisciplinary approach, clarification of the concepts and statistical indicators, the identification and introduction of additional historical facts into academic research. It is advisable to create an encyclopedia of the Great War, revealing different aspects of this phenomenon, including the dynamics of the life quality of the participating countries population.

Key words: First World War, back areas, quality of life, consumption, workers, peasants, refugees, historiography.

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