MIKHAYLOV A.A. The Military Route of 24th Infantry Division within the Troops of North-Western, Western and Northern Fronts. 1914–1917

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2014.5.2

Mikhaylov Andrey Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Researcher, Scientific and Research Department of Military History of the North-Western Region of the Russian Federation,

Scientific and Research Institute of Military History of Military Academy of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;

Professor, Department of History,

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

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Avangardnaya St., 3, 146, 198205 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article presents the operational record of 24th infantry division during the First World War within the troops of three fronts (North-Western, Northern and Western). This division was formed in 1863, and in 1892-1895 three of its four regiments were located in Pskov, an old city in the North-West of Russia. The officer staff (their social origin and education) by the eve of the First World War as well as the mobilization course at the beginning of the War have been reviewed in the article.

On the example of one military unit, typical of the Russian Army, the author analyzes the peculiar features of military operations during the First World War and the role of the division’s participation in several major operations in 1914-1917. They include the Russian Army’s dramatic offensive in East Prussia (summer and autumn 1914), the defensive fighting on the Ravca river (in the beginning of 1915), the offensive of the Russian army in Galicia in 1916 (known as Brusilov Offensive).

The article has been finished with the story about the division’s way during the Russian Army’s disintegration in the period of the revolution of 1917. The article is based on the unpublished documents from Russian Military and Historic Archive (Moscow) as well as on the press materials.

Key words: First World War, 24th infantry division, military operation, positional warfare, Eastern-Prussian operation.

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