NIKOLAEV N.Yu. Peace-Making Ideas by M.M. Kovalevsky at the Beginning of 20th Century


Nikolaev Nikolay Yuryevich

Candidate of Sciences (History), Associate Professor, Department of History and Philosophy,

Volzhsky Institute of Humanities, Branch of Volgograd State University

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40 let Pobedy St., 11, 404133 Volzhsky, Russian Federation 

Abstract. The article reveals the peace-making ideas of famous historian, sociologist and lawyer M.M. Kovalevsky at the beginning of 20th century and analyzes the sociological conception of solidarity which served as the basis for his views on war and peace. He considered social progress as broadening of solidarity sphere which was unavoidably promoted to the consciousness of political integration society. The scientist approximately compared the progress with concentric circles which embodied of uninterruptedly widing human solidarity. The final stage of social and political development should be the creation of national and federal unions, which in their turn would unify in international union. The union built on the principles of democracy and observance of international right standards was destined not only to keep and to ensure the common peace, but also to promote the development of international trade and industry.

Kovalevsky played important role in building the peace-making movement in Russia by supporting it with his high scientific and moral authority. In particular, he headed the St. Petersburg’s peace society, established in 1909. Besides, there were a lot of contradictions in his peaceful views. Being the patriot and supporter of the state, the scientist was very far from peace when Russian national interests were taken ino account. This contradiction was clearly revealed during Balkan’s conflict (1912-1913) and the First World War.

Key words: war, peace, militarism, pacifism, peace-making. 

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