SHARIPOV A.A. Opening of “Khusainiya” Madrasah and Its Inner Structure


Sharipov Alfit Askhatovich

Director of Spiritual Muslim Educational Institution Madrasah “Khusainiya”

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Rybakovskaya St., 98, 460006 Orenburg, Russian Federation

Abstract. This article studies the process of organizing the “Khusainiya” madrasah by Khousainov brothers, working on the new methods in Orenburg. The initiator and main trustee of the opening of this institution was the elder brother – Ahmat-bai Khousainov. During the foundation of the madrasah A. Khousainov encountered obstacles from the authorities while buying the land for the new construction. But the merchant was able to achieve separation of the site and constructed the new building for “Khusainiya”.

Description of the inner structure of the madrasah supposes a high level of logistical and financial support of this institution.

Relevance of studying the history of Muslim educational institutions such as “Khusainiya” madrasah was dictated by the leaders of the Russian system of Islamic education, especially after President Putin’s proposals to restore theological Islamic school on the basis of existing historical experience in our country.

Key words: Islam, Muslim education, “Khusainiya” madrasah, Orenburg province, Ahmat-bai Khousainov.

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