KAMARDIN I.N. Hooliganism in the cities of the Volga region during NEP

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2011.2.7

Kamardin Igor Nikolaevich

Kandidat Nauk (History), Associate Professor, Department of Socio-economic and Humanities, 

Kuznetsk Institute of Information and Management Technologies (Branch) Penza State University

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Abstract. During the NEP hooliganism in Soviet cities has reached the degree of the national disaster. Not being clearly defined as a legal notion, bullying was understood as a variety of actions. The survey shows that most hooligans detained on charge belonged to the working class. Consequently, the author concludes that hooliganism as a phenomenon remains a characteristic element of the everyday life of Soviet cities during the 1920s.

Key words: hooliganism, working-class youth, riot, fight, beating the administration, sexual promiscuity, a social shape, deviant behavior.

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