SHVETSOV A.A. The Soviet Union in the 1920s in Louis Fischer publications


Shvetsov Aleksandr Alekseevich

Postgraduate student, Department of American Studies,

Saint Petersburg State University

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ul. Smol’nogo, d. 1/3, p. 8, 191124 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is concerned with the Soviet Union in the 1920s. Louis Fischer – a social commentator, sovietologist, an expert on international relations, a professor of Princeton and Yale Universities. L. Fischer lived in Russia for 14 years, an American journalist who wrote extensively about Soviet Russia. This article is devoted to the image of the Soviet Union and a new socialist regime that emerged in Russia in 1918. Fischer described almost everything he saw, showing the reality, the life of people, the atmosphere. Samples of Louis Fischer publications in this article are illustrative of the nature of the situation in the country. The author of the article used the materials that were published in 1920s. The article contains also the information of the authors who were sceptical about socialist regimes, who criticized such regimes and their followers. There are examples of publications about Russia that L. Fischer criticized in ‘The Nation’. The material of this article may be useful in studying the dynamics of the development of the Soviet-American relations in 1920s. The article may be used for the assessment of the image of the Soviet Union in the Western American Studies.

Key words: Soviet Union, Soviet-American relations, Louis Fischer, Bolsheviks, socialism.

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