STANKOV N.N. Benesh’s international activity after Locarno conference (october–december, 1925)


Stankov Nikolaу Nikolaуevich

Doctor of Sciences ( History), Professor, Department of International Relations and Area Studies,

Volgograd State University 

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Prospect Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. The changes in the foreign policy of Czechoslovakia in the first months after the Locarno Conference are analyzed in the paper. The investigation is based on archive and published documents. Immediately after the Conference E. Benesh, the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic undertook actions in order to adapt the foreign policy of his country to new international relations. First of all the new course manifested itself in the intention to develop good neighbour relations with Germany, Italy, the Soviet Union and in the attempts to create the Danube Pack. But Germany treated to Benesh’s statements with restraint. A lot of reasons prevented Italy from cooperation with Czechoslovakia, in the first place, their rivalry in Central Europe and, in particular, in Austrian issue. It didn’t then come to recognition of the USSR de jure or establishment of full-fledged Soviet-Czechoslovak relations. Action undertaken by Czechoslovak diplomats on regional level disappointed the expectations too. Austria didn’t support the creation of the Danube Pack which like the Rein Pack was to safeguard the borders in Central Europe, as well as Hungary which had no intentions to commit itself to refusal from any territory demands and which avoided to sign a joint agreement with the Little Entente. Czechoslovakia had only to carry on the course of strengthening of joint cooperation within the limits of the Little Entente.

Key words: foreign police of Czechoslovakia, E. Benesh, Locarno conference, arbitration agreement between Germany and Czechoslovakia, Soviet-Czechoslovak relations, the Little Entente.

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