BRYZGALINA E.V. Competence-based approach and the future sociohumanitarian education

Bryzgalina Elena Vladimirovna

Kandidat nauk (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy of Education,

Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov,


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Abstract. The article traces the relationship between the understanding of the purposes of higher education and assessment of educational outcomes. Inclination of our country to the continental variant of understanding of the educational goals, when the main contracting authority is the state, leads to the existence of standards as an expression of the conventional expectations of society in relation to the formation of a certain level and profile. Borrowing competence model of standards related to the adoption of pragmatic approach to education in Russia as a way to increment of human capital.

Key words: education, competence, objectives of education, competence-based approach, the state educational standards, the quality of education.

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