KARABUSHCHENKO P.L. Political science and problems of falsification of political history

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2013.1.15

Karabushchenko Paul Leonidovich

Doktor nauk (Philosophy), Professor, Head of the Department of Political Sciences,

Astrakhan State University

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Abstract. The thought that a policy and lie are already almost synonyms and that politicians are compelled to lie and increase day by day lie of the predecessors, for the sake of achievement of the political ends, not always to equitable interests of the people has taken roots in modern public consciousness. The society regards a policy as one of the most forged spheres of professional work, because there are some reasons for it. Presence or absence of a lie becomes one of the main criteria in an estimation of quality of political elite activity in the conditions of the coming postindustrial world. This article tells about the necessity of application of this criterion for an estimation of elite.

Key words: elite, falsification, plagiarism, scandal, political science, history, morals.

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