GOLOVIN YU.A. Not to loose the connection in time

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2013.1.11

Golovin Yuriy Alekseevich

Doktor nauk (Political Sciences), Professor, Head of the Department of Sociopolitical Theories,

Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov

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Abstract. The Russian Society is going through the times of controversies. The controversies are seen in economics, politics, ethnics and other areas. One of the few things that all Russian citizens share in common and are united around is a respect to and memory of the Great Patriotic War. The Battle of Stalingrad became a critical event in the War. It is an example of bravery and heroism of our fathers and grandfathers. Widespread discussions of renowned events of our history among youth will help to preserve the history in the memories of next generations.

Key words: historical memory, characters of the Great Patriotic War, Stalingrad Battle, experience in the field of political work, attempts to distort the events of the Great Patriotic War.

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