DERGUNOVA N.V. Patriotism in the perception of the young generation


Dergunova Nina Vladimirovna

Doktor nauk (Political Sciences), Professor Head of Department of Sociology and Political Sciences,

Uliyanovsk State University 

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Abstract. The alternation of generations, especially during the deep transformation of the society and state leads to the substantial change in the content and meaning of the many phenomena and scientific conceptions. The paper is based on the sociological studies conducted in the Ulyanovsk region (Russia) in 2010-2012 by the Department of Sociology and Political Science of Ulyanovsk State University and the Center of Sociological Research at the Government of the Ulyanovsk region. The analysis of the conceptions such as Homeland, Duty, Patriotism in the perception of the high school students and university students is given. The attitude to the history of the native country and the history of the region is also discussed. One of the main tendencies of the change in perception of Patriotism is, on the one hand, its demilitarization and, on the other hand, the enhancement of the nationalist views.

Key words: youth, homeland, duty, tolerance, civil activity, patriotism.

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