KUZNETSOVA N.V. The level of population morbidity and mortality in the Lower Volga region in 1946–1947 famine

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu4.2010.1.5

Kuznetsova Nadezhda Vasilyevna

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, History of Russia Department,

Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The article is devoted to the insufficiently studied problem of famine 1946–1947. The author analyses the statistics on morbidity of adults and children in the Lower Volga region, compares the situation in each area of the region and the country as a whole, focusing on the spread of malnutrition. The article describes the efforts of local authorities and hospitals on population morbidity reduction, compares inhabitant mortality level of the region in the periods of 1945 and 1948–1949.

Key words: history, USSR, the Lower Volga region, Astrakhan, Stalingrad, Saratov, famine, medicine. 

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The level of population morbidity and mortality  in the Lower Volga region in 1946–1947 famine by KUZNETSOVA N.V. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  

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