PETROV S.V. Huey Pierce Long’s activity in the rank of the USA senator (1932–1935)


Petrov Sergey Viktorovich

Candidate for a Degree, International Relations, Area Studies and Political Sciences Department,

Volgograd State University

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Abstract. The article highlights the political activity of Huey Pierce Long, the USA Senator in the period of 1932–1935. As this period of H.P. Long’s political life was not covered in a domestic historiography, the emphasis was made on studying his «Share the wealth» campaign. The analysis of the Senate’s activity gives an idea about Long as a remarkable politician, reveals weakness and strength of his program, illustrates Huey Long’s political objectives and ambitions.

Keywords: Great Depression, «New Deal» by F.D. Roosevelt, «Share the Wealth» by Huey P. Long, Louisiana, opposition to F.D. Roosevelt.

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